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Skilled at both design and development, we will quickly grow your ideas and shepherd them through the data visualization journey, together.
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Understand the power of your data

You've got a lot of data. Don't worry. We will sift through it all and seamlessly integrate it with any data visualization software. Here are some examples...
  1. Traditional Sources & Databases
  2. CRM, Ad, and Analytic Services
  3. Accounting and Payment Software
  4. Social Media and Networking
Snowflake database
Microsoft Azure
HubSpot CRM software
Google Analytics
QuickBooks Online
Stripe Payments
Xero accounting software

Figure out what story you want to tell

Most assume when embarking on the data visualization journey that you need to start with the data. After all, it's right there in the name...

However, it is necessary to start with the design! And to get a simple, intuitive design, you need to understand the end-users, audience, and purpose of the reports.

We'll have at least 2 design sessions so we can develop something you actually want to use and test it from your perspective, with your goals in mind.

Take power of your business

There is no right time to start your data visualization journey. You may have a clear plan with data ready to go, or you may have ideas and a blank sheet of paper...

Wherever you are in the process, we'll help you get on the right track and support you every step of the way. Collaboration is the key to success!
  1. Are you at the starting line? Let's figure out the right data viz and analytics strategy for you.
  2. Unsure which tool is right for you? We will conduct a software evaluation to pick the right one.
  3. Have data but no plan? Let's get you out of Excel and reduce countless hours of manual reporting.
  4. Not happy with the data visualizations you do have? We'll re-imagine your reporting to bring clarity and functionality.
  5. Does your reporting portfolio look like Frankenstien? We can create a content management plan to simplify your user experience.

Gain full control of your reporting

Have you been thinking about switching from traditional business intelligence tools like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI? Want autonomy over your data and reports?

We'll create a web app that let's you customize an intuitive user interface and a powerfully interactive user experience. And by using the robust Apache eCharts visualization library, there is little we can't do.

Simple. Functional. Secure. And all yours!
  1. No more Tableau server
  2. No more Power BI extensions
  3. No more monthly embedding costs
Apache eCharts

Time to get smart(er)!

The true value to Artificial Intelligence is knowing when and how to put it to use, knowing why is it a part of your report. Those skills can be learned, it just takes time to train and build them up. Just like any good AI model.

Unfortunately, you can't simply flip the light switch on when you decide to like you can with other software. You need to put in the time now to reap the benefits later.

Let's work together to push past the industry benchmarks of business intelligence reporting and data visualization by using AI to better tell your story.
Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT

Maven Analytics Certified

  • Explored the rapid rise of large langauge models like ChatGPT and Google Bard
  • Used ChatGPT to explain and interpret code, generate formulas from scratch, diagnose and troubleshoot errors, optimize complex queries, and automate manual tasks
  • Learned about the most powerful and practical ChatGPT use cases for data science and analytics


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Survey Analysis

Report on organizational alignment within companies, based on surveys of teams and employees.

Connects to your surveys in Qualtrics and summarizes survey results to determine whether your employees feel your organization is more concentrated or distributed in regards to power and influence within the company. Includes employee sentiment analysis too.

This dashboard was designed in Figma and visualized in Tableau, a great BI tool for quality design and flexible user-experience.


Financial Performance

Reporting portfolio with interactive and printable financial statements and easy-to-export journal entries.

Connects to QuickBooks Online and easily turns your data into a powerful suite of financial reports. Users can slice and dice and drill down to transactional level data while printing Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Statements.

These dashboards were designed in Figma and visualized in Microsoft Power BI, a wildly popular tool which gives you powerful control over your data thanks to the Query Editor. An easy choice if you are already part of Microsoft's world.

FigmaMicrosoft Power BI

Brand Reputation

Report on brand reputation within an industry and performance compared to competitors.

Users can easily assess their brand's reputation on key attributes like CSR and Governance to better understand their performance in the market and diagnose problem areas. Integrates a predictive model to gauge impact of potential actions to take.

These dashboards were visualized using Apache Superset, an open-source BI tool powered by eCharts. And no subscription cost!

Apache Superset

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